Standing alone in large format perfecting excellence

Able to print 64 A4 pages in one pass and with four formats (7, 7B, 7B Plus, 8), the ROLAND 900 XXL perfector is able to meet and exceed all the challenges of large-format sheetfed offset printing.

With the optional ROLAND InlineColorPilot, the ROLAND 900 XXL is the only sheetfed press with a fully automatic system to ensure consistent color. Productivity can be further enhanced by integrating the optional ROLAND InlineSlitter, ROLAND InlineCoater, or double coating modules. In addition, optional automated plate change (APL™) technology reduces the operators’ workload, speeds up job change over and increases productivity when compared to a standard large format perfecting press.

Simultaneous Plate Loading (SPL™) for significant reductions in make-ready time
Largest perfecting press in the world, capable of 64 A4-page production in a single pass, perfecting at 10,000 sph
‘One pass’ productivity offers dramatically reduced number of wash-up cycles and shorter makeready times
Semi Automatic Plate Loading (PPL) as standard
Highly productive large format, from sizes 7, 7B and 7B Plus, to 8 (including perfector)
Optional solutions including Manroland QuickChange and InLine series technologies

One Pass Productivity

While the large-format and Point of Sale sectors continue to be attractive growth areas, printers will only achieve profitability if they can combine efficiency and cost-effectiveness with consistently high quality output. Manroland’s ‘one pass productivity’ with its trademark ‘highest efficiency, highest quality’ approach is perfect for ensuring increased productivity and maintaining higher margins for large-format and POS printers.


Max. speed:

  • Format 7:

    13,000 sheets/h Max.
  • Format 7B:

    13,000 sheets/h Max.
  • Format 7B plus:

    13,000 sheets/h Max.
  • Format 8:

    11,000 sheets/h Max.
  • 12,000 sheets/h Max.*

Sheet size:

  • Format 7:

    1,120 mm x 1,620 mm
  • Format 7B:

    1,200 mm x 1,620 mm
  • Format 7B plus:

    1,260 mm x 1,620 mm
  • Format 8:

    1,300 mm x 1,870 mm

Image area:

  • Format 7:

    1,110 mm x 1,620 mm
  • Format 7B:

    1,190 mm x 1,620 mm
  • Format 7B plus:

    1,250 mm x 1,620 mm
  • Format 8:

    1,290 mm x 1,850 mm

Substrate thickness range:

  • 0.1 mm to 0.6 mm
  • Commercial:

    0.04 mm to 0.6 mm*
  • Cardboard:

    0.1 mm to 1.2 mm*
  • Universal:

    0.04 mm to 1.2 mm*

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