A key component for good print results.

Among consumable materials, the blanket occupies a prominent position. When it fits perfectly, it has the makings of a bestseller, but even the slightest dimensional fault spoils the results. 

Manroland are in a position to recommend suitable blankets for every application. printcom® has developed a comprehensive certification process and as no-one your Manroland Sheetfed press as well as we do, we also know what our customers need. Applications such as coating, general commercial printing or packaging printing places special demands on the blanket. Our certification process takes this into account.

The top priority is not only to ascertain which blanket is technically the best. It’s more a matter of efficient benchmarking to ensure stable performance on the press and this can result in an inexpensive blanket being recommended.

Take advantage of the printcom® certification process to achieve good print results easily and quickly. Make high quality your standard. We are happy to advise you on your specific blanket solution.