Print Consumables from printcom®

Manroland’s R&D department drives the ongoing development of consumables and materials to continually set new standards in print. printcom® supplies customers with extensively tested, certified and process-compliant system components to further refine and optimise their printing systems. The use of expertly produced, consistently manufactured parts can significantly cut wastage, save energy costs and reduce environmental impact.

Blankets - printcom® has developed a comprehensive certification process

Coatings - printcom® coatings, we can offer you the right solution for virtually every application.

Fountain Solutions - printcom® certified fountain solution, you reliably guard against all problem sources with long and short runs

Lubricants - Utilizing high quality lubricants and oils is a critical contributor to extending the lifetime of your press.

Printing Inks - printcom® inks: only selected after clear compatibility results.

Rollers - printcom® rollers are engineered to provide extended life and are of the highest quality.

Silicones - printcom® silicones provide a significant return on investment by lowering the annual consumption in the pressroom

Special Chemistry - printcom® offers a comprehensive portfolio of certified specialty chemistry for your pressroom.

Washes - optimal washing results with shorter washing times and longer intervals between washing.

Speed-up of commissioning with start-up sets
Optimized printing quality
Increased availability of the printing system
Minimized organizing times in procurement
Reduced production costs
High flexibility in application

Product specification may vary according to region. For details please contact Manroland Sheetfed or the distributor in your area.

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