printcom® wash

The advantages of rigorous testing.. Among the process-compliant system components, washing agents play an important role. Selecting the right washing agent has a major influence on printing quality and the economics of the entire printing process. The powerful washing agent printcom® wash performed brilliantly in all stages of our rigorous tests.

Double testing for better results. Besides FOGRA certification, printcom® products are subjected to a second series of tests to ensure they are particularly suitable for use with Manroland Sheetfed presses. This ensures optimal process conditions and prevents press damage in long-run operation. With no exaggeration, the test results of the premium product can be described as sensational. Here is an overview of the outstanding qualities.

Multifunctional: printing blankets, cylinders or inking rollers, brush-type or blade-type washing units – printcom® wash gets the best possible results.

Economical: the outstanding cleaning power means a little goes a long way.

Non-abrasive: the combination of mild cleaning agents prolongs the intervals between maintenance.

Stable: the high emulsion stability simplifies handling.

Residue-free: very good flow properties through effective grime dispersion.

Benefit: optimal washing results with shorter washing times and longer intervals between washing.