A web of more than 2000 Manroland networks around the globe offers integration and practical tools to help make the world’s printing plants faster and ultra-efficient, optimising processes, increasing product quality and boosting profitability.

printnetwork® delivers automated workflow solutions that encompass everything from pre-press preparation and scheduling through to quality management of color control and inline inspection. With job transparency, complete process documentation and operational security print businesses can refine their processes to achieve higher levels of efficiency and lower operating costs.

Better organisation with IntegrationPilot 2.0.

These days printing companies are under enormous pressure to reduce costs and streamline their operations. They must produce more jobs in less time, while average run lengths are decreasing. According to an IRD study (Institute for Rationalization in the Printing Industry), based on a reference period of four years, printing companies in Germany had to process 25 percent more orders to at least maintain their earning level. Manroland helps its customers to meet this challenge – with IntegrationPilot 2.0.

With the Integration Pilot 2.0, the job preparation and machine scheduling can also be carried out centrally in the office. In addition, the machine can be integrated in the print shop workflow optimized by CIP3 hot folder or the JDF interfaces. As a result errors in the work processes are identified early and thus eliminated

Uninterrupted data collection with IntegrationPilot Plus 2.0

Non-utilised machine time and problems cost money and need to be systematically reduced, but “only what can be measured objectively, can be improved upon. Therefore, machine and operating data acquisition becomes the focus of attention.

How can machine performance be easily, automatically and reliably measured and evaluated by pressing one button? “ IntegrationPilot Plus supplements IntegrationPilot by adding automated and detailed data collection that can be used for analytical purposes. What has been printed and when? Why was there downtime? Which fabrication times go into the costing? IntegrationPilot Plus provides all the answers.