QuickChange Systems

QuickChange Air Job specific air settings for all relevant consumption points via the control console.

QuickChange Clamp Multi-purpose speed clamp for the coating form cylinder.

QuickChange Coating Fast coating change-over.

QuickChange Color The ink flow can be preselected in three different ways: front-heavy, normal, rear-heavy ink flow. Also with optimized start-up sequence for roller contacts to further reduce the start-up waste.

QuickChange Color Plus  Color adjustment system with computer-assisted optimization of the ink slide presets.

QuickChange Infeed Automated selection and motorized setting of the frontlays to be used.

QuickChange Job  The operating steps which are performed in an automatic sequence during job changeover.

QuickChange Job Transferter Automatic substrate thickness adjustment (height adjustment of transferter and infeed drum gripper bars) and a new infeed drum. This simplifies the changeover from paper to board.

QuickChange Surface A special ink-repelling coating for the ink fountains which ensures rapid and effective wash-up results.

QuickChange Wash A modified inking roller washing system for faster wash-ups with the best possible results.