An inferior founts solution can cause numerous printing problems. Piling on the blanket, scumming, smearing, poor drying, over-emulsification, plate corrosion, plates running blind, and so on and so forth. Many undesirable effects originate from an insufficiently tested fount solution. With a printcom®-certified fountain solution, you reliably guard against all problem sources with long and short runs.

printcom® fount solutions have been used successfully all over the world for many years in thousands of presses. The major advantage over customary founts is printing process compliancy and material compatibility. Normal founts tests are only concerned with corrosion protection – but not with long-term interaction with a specific type of press.

The printcom® fount solution testing process concentrates on:
Corrosion protection
Clean running behavior
Contamination resistance
Ascertaining the fount solution latitude (working window smearing borderline – water marks)
Behaviour with special applications (e.g. cold foiling)
Interaction with special inks (e.g. metallic inks, UV inks, inks with high layer thicknesses)
Ink build-up on the dampening rollers
Water conductivity

Only the best fount solutions receive the printcom® Seal of Quality.